Martha C. Lawrence

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Aquarius Descending

Licensed P.I. and psychic Elizabeth Chase has just discovered that her old neighborhood is now the site of Heaven's Gate, so she's in no mood for cults. Yet when her boyfriend's ex-fiancee disappears into a group called The Bliss Project, Elizabeth is persuaded to investigate. Have her unique powers finally met their match?


"Save a spot on the bestseller's list for author, Martha Lawrence, and her savvy investigator, Elizabeth Chase! This solid new series is a natural. . . and a supernatural, as well."

--Sue Grafton, award-winning, bestselling author of O Is for Outlaw

"You don't have to read the stars to see that Martha C. Lawrence is up there with the likes of Sue Grafton, Sara Paretsky and Marcia Muller. Aquarius Descending, the best novel featuring psychic PI Elizabeth Chase, is witty, quirky, nail-biting, and altogether wonderful."

--Harlan Coben, Edgar award-winning author of One False Move

"With a refreshingly accessible style, Martha C. Lawrence makes psychic investigator Elizabeth Chase immensely appealing and totally believable. I loved Aquarius Descending and found it difficult to put down. It's a winner!"

--Diane Mott Davidson, best-selling author of Tough Cookie

" This one hits the right buttons: romance, jealousy, greed, chicanery--all the prime ingredients, proudly, professionally served up."

--Judith Kreiner, The Washington Times

"As she goes deeper and deeper into the cult, the mystery becomes more and more convoluted, leading to a decidedly dramatic ending."

--The Tampa Tribune

"It doesn't take a psychic to predict that more page turning Elizabeth Chase mysteries may soon be on their way."

--New Age Magazine

"An authentic voice and . . . narrative that is always crisp and unforced. The third book in the series, Aquarius Descending made me go out and find the first two books. . . . I look forward to seeing her in many books to come."

--The Drood Review

"Elizabeth is a smart, practical, down to earth private investigator who happens to be able to sense things that others can't. . . . Fresh, suspenseful and believable. Another page-turner for the talented Lawrence."

--Claire E. White, The Internet Writing Journal

"With her relationship at stake and her psychic powers at best undependable, Elizabeth almost becomes a victim herself. A believable plot, well-developed characters, and a heroine with an interesting edge."

--Library Journal

"With the third mystery in this beguiling series, Aquarius Descending, (Lawrence) just gets better. Sensational."

--Mystery Lovers' Bookshop News

"Elizabeth Chase's third chronicled case is an emotional doozy for readers. . . . Not only her life but her very soul may be at risk. . . . Highly recommended."

--Maryelizabeth Hart, The Plot Thickens


--Ron Donoho, San Diego Magazine

"Appealing to the somewhat or completely skeptical reader."

--Julie Kaufman, San Jose Mercury News

"Sharp dialogue and a fast read."

--Gregory D'Avis, Boulder Planet

"One of the most fascinating private detectives in fiction. . . . Fast-paced and suspenseful right up to the rather disturbing conclusion, Aquarius Descending delivers a punch."

--Dede Anderson , The Mystery Reader

"Readers who think a series featuring a 'psychic investigator' must necessarily be corny will be surprised by Lawrence's Elizabeth Chase series. In fact, Elizabeth's mistrust of, and slight embarrassment over, her psychic powers endears her to the reader from the start."

--Jenny McLarin, Booklist

"If you are looking for a fast-paced, engaging mystery novel, Aquarius Descending should be at the top of your list. . . . Lawrence's first novel in the series, Murder in Scorpio, was nominated for Edgar, Agatha, and Anthony awards. Aquarius Descending, the third book in the series, deserves at least equal accolades."

--Jason Starr, The Richmond Review

"The writing here flows with the deceptive ease of well-honed skill. . . . She draws you along so surely that you will have trouble putting down this book. . . . The final chapter will leave you gasping. The epilogue will plant a scene in your mind that will stay in your mind for a long time. It may even haunt your dreams. It did mine."

--Dianne Day, The AOL Book Report

"A well-designed, very plausible, and extremely suspense-laden tale that shows that the dawning of the age of Martha C. Lawrence is upon us."

--Harriet Klausner

"Though Elizabeth's third case makes more use of traditional detective work than of psychic powers, readers will likely find it her most polished appearance yet."

--Kirkus Reviews

"A gripping, believable story, distinguished by a wise and sensitive narrative voice, that even those skeptical of psychics will enjoy."

--Publishers Weekly

"This one is too good to miss. Woo woo it's not. A gripping story of suspense, greed, the inner working of cult life, and love--it is."

--Margo Power, Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine