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Parapsychology Links

A good psychic reader is hard to find, but I've found one:
Reverend John Russell, C.T.M.

The most famous parapsychology laboratory in the world:
Rhine Reseach Center Institute for Parapsychology

A well known company researches psi with surprising results:
Sony Psi Lab

A little bit of everything on this site, best taken with a grain of salt and a dash of humor:
The Cyber Psychic

Planetary news plus myriad metaphysical info:
Your Planets

Mystery Links

For crime (writing) scene analysis, look to the pros at Mystery Scene Magazine:

My publisher has a great mystery site. Check it out:
St. Martin's/Minotaur

Is this guy funny, or what? Meet award-winning mystery author
Harlan Coben

He's so witty and fun, you'd never suspect this mystery writer is an escaped academic:
Lev Raphael

When it comes to today's mysteries, he's the master (a term I don't use lightly):
Michael Connelly

Home of the World's Largest Mystery Specialty Book Store:
Mysterious Book Shop

The name says it all for lovers of mystery:
The Mystery Reader

If you're serious about mystery and detective fiction, it's:
Grave Matters

Clueless? Hardly. This mystery site's got it all. Check out the:
ClueLass HomePage

Here's a fine source for mysteries and more:
Mysteries By Mail

A mystery writer who leaps, postures & gives great writing tips:
Meet Meg Chittenden

A Japanese mystery buff's brilliant web page:
The Gumshoe Site

More for you mystery buffs:
History of the Mystery