Martha C. Lawrence

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The Cold Heart of Capricorn

After her Edgar, Agatha and Anthony-nominated debut in Murder in Scorpio, psychic private eye Elizabeth Chase returns to investigate a brutal San Diego rape case.

An increasingly violent rapist has been terrorizing San Diego, but the lack of physical evidence at the scenes gives the police very little to go on. Dubious but desperate as the rapist edges toward committing murder, the cops turn to Elizabeth for paranormal help. Her first step is to hypnotize the victims, hoping to unearth clues buried in their subconscious memories. Success seems imminent, but when her interpretations have devastating results, Elizabeth steps back from the case--only to find herself getting closer and closer to the deadly conclusion.


"One of the most original detectives of the nineties. . . . Fascinating yet believable. . . . A throughly good read."

--Bradford (England) Telegraph & Argus

"Lawrence proves her initial success (Murder in Scorpio) was no fluke, with her second--and even better--thriller. . . . A superior shocker."

--Robert Wade, The San Diego Union-Tribune

"Lawrence follows her wonderful first novel with another appearance by Elizabeth Chase, private eye and parapsychologist. . . . Good work."

--Library Journal

"After raking in the award nominations for Murder in Scorpio, she's come back with an even better second thriller. . . . This page-turner caused me to burn yet another supply of midnight oil."

--Molly Weston, Meritorious Mysteries

"Run, do not walk, to your nearest bookstore, for The Cold Heart of Capricorn, Martha C. Lawrence's second book. . . . I loved every word."

--The Washington Times

"An engaging and original mystery series."

--The South Wales Argus

"Just when you think you've seen everything, something new comes and astounds you."

--The Dallas Morning News

"A riveting, innovative story driven by remarkably credible characterization."

--The North [San Diego, CA] County Times

"A truly baffling mystery and a gutsy, intelligent heroine to solve it."

--The Denver Post

"You'll keep turning pages until late with this one."

--Mystery Lovers Bookshop News

"There's some good plotting in both of these well-written star sign-titled mysteries which will keep you guessing to the end."

--Liverpool Daily Post

"A heart-warming tale of hope, and a heart-wrenching story of the struggle of enormously likeable characters to survive. It's told with compassion by an author who's been there. Read it."

--Lillian M. Roberts, author of Riding for a Fall

"Another good job by Lawrence, with more emphasis on Chase's psychic abilitiy here than in Murder in Scorpio. Once again it all seems to make sense which is a credit to the author and the story she tells. Recommended."

--Gary Warren Niebuhr, Deadly Pleasures

"So believably realistic, the case seems to leap out of the tabloids. Martha C. Lawrence's work is highly recommended for anybody who craves something refreshingly different in their mystery readings."

--Harriet Klausner, Midwest Book Review

"A a dead-on believable voice."

--Murder Ink

"What do the San Diego police do when a serial rapist assaults four women with frighteningly increasing violence, but without leaving a trace of physical evidence? They call on Dr. Elizabeth Chase, the psychic/shamus. . . . Elizabeth's rare gifts of empathy and second sight, coupled with the Glock she carries, make her a natural."

--Kirkus Reviews