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Feathers Brush My Heart

Feathers Brush My Heart

True Stories of Mothers Touching Their Daughters' Lives After Death
Compiled by Sinclair Browning

No, it's not an Elizabeth Chase novel. It's a wonderfully uplifting book that includes Martha's story about her mother's deathbed glimpse of an afterlife. A lovely gift for moms and daughters.


The mother-daughter bond is eternal. A cherished memory, a prized possession, a favorite recipe: so many things are reminders that a mother's love lives on, even after death. For the seventy real women in this heartwarming volume, that link has remained unbroken in a most extraordinary way.

In candid, genuine accounts that will give even the biggest skeptic pause, FEATHERS BRUSH MY HEART reveals how mothers contact their daughters through sensations, dreams, tangible objects, and more, assuring us that the love, care, and concern of a mother truly never dies.


I am fifty-five years old. I have had broken bones, had stitches, given birth, lost my father when I was eleven, had a home burn to the ground, been divorced, lost close friends, and buried all of my grandparents as well as my ex-husband.

But none of it compares to the grief I felt when my mother died. That was a pain that was so deep, so wrenching, that the scar tissue still wraps my heart. It no longer threatens to strangle me, for the wound is now softened from time to time with my mother's afterlife gifts to me.

It is only recently that I have come to understand that my mother's gifts are not unique, that mothers everywhere send their children gifts from the afterlife. Unfortunately, we don't always receive them. Sometimes our radios are turned too low; more frequently we question what we instinctively know.  In her book THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF SIGNS, Denise Linn says that in every moment the universe is whispering to us. There are signs everywhere, personal messages from a world beyond our own.

--Sinclair Browning, from the Introduction


"The love bond of a mother goes beyond the veil of death. These stories confirm that a mother's nurturing guiding light is always around and is shown to us with the various gifts she leaves behind. Mothers are forever guiding from above as they did on earth."

--James Van Praagh, author of HEAVEN AND EARTH and TALKING TO HEAVEN

"The sacred mother-daughter bond goes beyond this life and is eternal. Read the wonderful stories of FEATHERS BRUSH MY HEART and your faith in love will grow. I have been inspired by the truth and power of this book!"

--Judith Orloff, M.D., author of SECOND SIGHT and INTUITIVE HEALING