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Mystery In Mind

Mystery In Mind

A Collection of Stories of the Paranormal


“Short stories with a paranormal background are as popular today as when Agatha Christie created Harley Quinn. Agatha Christie explored ESP and second sight in a number of her stories just as authors do in this intriguing new collection.”
--Carolyn Hart, author of the Death on Demand & Henrie O mysteries

“Riveting stories from talented writers! Mystery in Mind is fun and scary and will keep you turning the pages past midnight!”
--Leslie Rule, author of Coast to Coast Ghosts: True Stories of Hauntings Across America

“Any kind of fiction requires a stretch of the writer’s imagination. When the theme or topic is paranormal, the imagination goes beyond natural limits, into the exploration of things and events that cannot be easily explained. Picasso said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” Who is to say then what is real and what is “only” imagined?
--Margaret (Meg) Chittenden, award winning author of normal and paranormal fiction

“Mystery in Mind is a collection of fascinatingly shivery paranormal tales. Chosen by the Rhine Research Center, the very backbone of legitimate paranormal research, these works of fiction are bathed in an eerie reality that makes for riveting, page-turning reading.”
-- Tamara Thorne, author of The Forgotten, Bad Things, Haunted, Moonfall, Candle Bay and Eternity.

Contributing Authors: Martha Lawrence, L.L. Bartlett, Skye Alexander, Lee Driver, Margaret DiCanio, Jon Fabris, Rosemary Edghill, J.M.M. Holloway, Helen Rhine, David Terrenoire, Nicholas Knight, Elorise Holstad, Patricia Harrington, George M. Scott, Nicole Burris, Sarah Glenn, Amanda Marie, Jordan Carpenter, Scott Nicholson, Didier Quémener, and Michele Lassig.

ISBN: 0-9727494-0-3

Publishing: Parapsychology Press
2741 Campus Walk Avenue, Bldg. 500
Durham, NC 27705
(919) 688-8241 ext. 201

About the Rhine Research Center

The Rhine Research Center has published a chilling collection of mystery stories with a paranormal theme. Heir to the world famous [Duke University] parapsychology laboratory founded by Dr. J. B. Rhine in the 1930’s, today the laboratory continues to operate in Durham, North Carolina, as a non-profit organization, independent of Duke University. With this one-of-a-kind collection, the RRC will raise funds to support its research and education programs.
From over 150 submissions, the Rhine Research Center has chosen mystery stories from talented mystery writers. The result is a hauntingly good anthology of short stories. This book is a mystery lover’s masterpiece!