Martha C. Lawrence

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Pisces Rising

Winner of San Diego Magazine Book Award for Best Work of Fiction reviewed in 2000

Psychic private eye Elizabeth Chase finds her unique talents pitted against her most brutal and baffling case yet--the pursuit of a vicious murderer wanted in connection with the scalping of a Native American casino owner.

Elizabeth soon learns that the tranquil setting of the Temecu reservation belies a dangerous undercurrent of political scheming, racism, and pure human greed. As she struggles to figure out who can be trusted, Elizabeth must call upon all of her resources not only to solve the crime, but to restore her own spirit.


"Even die-hard skeptics will find themselves believing in the methods used by Dr. Elizabeth Chase, a parapsychologist turned private investigator. . . . The author’s hard-boiled approach to the story makes the "hopelessly New Age" segments even more believable.... Pisces Rising moves at a fast clip as Lawrence keeps a tight grip on the story and an even tighter rein on her characters. . . . Lawrence’s series is a good fit for those who think psychic abilities exist as well as for those nonbelievers who just want a well-crafted mystery."

--Oline H. Cogdill, Florida Sun-Sentinel

"Elizabeth Chase is one of the most interesting private investigators in mystery fiction today. Her psychic skills never provide a quick solution to the mystery; rather, they provide insight into people and give oblique clues which Elizabeth must decipher. The plot is well-constructed and fast-paced."

--Claire E. White, Writers Write

"Private investigator Elizabeth Chase is my new hero. Not only is she a fearless investigator who knows how to shoot a semiautomatic, she has visions. . . . In Pisces Rising, we are handed a protagonist we can be proud of--strong, sensitive, and smart.. . . . Lawrence's writing is crisp and descriptive, and the story moves fast."

--Eilene Zimmerman, San Diego Magazine

"Lawrence writes convincingly about Chase's abilities. Part of this is not letting her psychic abilities take on a deus ex machina characteristic. . . . Chase's abilities allow her to learn more about people and crime scenes; they do not guarantee her safety or the safety of those around her. Pisces Rising is a fun novel, and Elizabeth Chase is a memorable character, one worth following in, we hope, many adventures to come."

-- Candace Horgan, The Denver Post

"Solid plot, compelling protagonist."

-- Library Journal

"On a scale from 1-5 this mystery is a 6. . . . Pisces Rising is a fantastic who-done-it. . . . Martha C. Lawrence proves once again that she is a brilliant storyteller."

--Harriet Klausner

"While first-time readers may be skeptical of a psychic detective, fans of the series know that Lawrence makes Chase completely believable as a character. Most interesting is her new friendship with a shaman named Sequoia, a fascinating character whom fans will want to learn more about in future books. As always, Lawrence delivers an insightful story with multidimensional characters and unrelenting suspense."

-- Jenny McLarin, Booklist

"READABILITY: 4.0 OVERALL RATING: 4.0. . . I'm not the best source for an objective assessment of Martha Lawrence’s books. The fact is that I simply enjoy being in the presence of Elizabeth Chase, and it is difficult for me to see beyond this enjoyment to judge the finer elements of the book. I suppose this alone should be sufficient endorsement. . . . It is the voice that is so pleasurable. My reading experience is one of being taken by the hand on a journey of exploration and discovery by an entity that exudes warmth and comfort. I do not question, I do not doubt, I simply follow, happy enough just to be along for the journey, and confident I will be better for it once completed."

--Russ Isabella, Deadly Pleasures

"The unique culture of the reservation is brilliantly and objectively portrayed and the plot is well executed. Most intriguing is the development of Elizabeth. Creating a psychic character that defies stereotypes must be challenging, but Lawrence does just that. Elizabeth comes across as strikingly real, with vulnerabilities and self-doubt, passion and loyalty - a full range of emotions that allow readers to relate. The tone of Pisces Rising is deeper, more subdued, yet it never loses the established momentum. Unquestionably, Lawrence's most sophisticated effort to date and a pleasure to read."

--PJ Nunn, Charlotte Austin Review