Martha C. Lawrence

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Murder In Scorpio

Nominated for the Edgar, Agatha, and Anthony Awards for Best First Novel

She's a California P.I. with something extra--a doctorate in parapsychology and a special instinct for trouble.

Dr. Elizabeth Chase is used to funny looks and disbelief when she tells people she uses the paranormal and astrology to help her investigations. Sergeant Tom McGowan of the Escondido Police Department is skeptical, but when he needs help in exploring the not-so-accidental death of an old friend, he turns to her.

Instantly, Elizabeth is absorbed by the case, and searches the stars and her sensitive psyche for answers. Janice Freeman, the dead woman, had a lot of friends, but as Elizabeth scans the artifacts of Janice's life and meets the people she knew, she begins to pick up a few unpleasant auras that have the unmistakable color of evil. Trying to pin down Janice's last fateful day of life, Elizabeth charts her final moves--and follows the celestial signs to cold-blooded murder.


"One of the most engaging mysteries I've ever read. There's no tougher critic than a Virgo, and this Virgo says Murder in Scorpio is flawless."

--Nancy Pickard, author of The Whole Truth

"Martha Lawrence's parapsychologist detective cast a spell on me: I couldn't put the novel down, didn't want it to end."

--Linda Barnes, author of Flashpoint

"Fine prose, a matter-of-fact approach to some rather extraordinary perceptions, and a wry sense of humor characterize a remarkable first novel."

--Library Journal

"Elizabeth picks up clues using a believable blend of investigative technique and psychic information. In the end, she convinces readers as skeptical as McGowan that, while some phenomena can't be explained rationally, they can be enjoyed by readers."

--Publishers Weekly